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edit action with nested forms

fugee ohu
i have items, item_item_properties, and item_properties
items has many item_properties with the key item_type_id in both tables
the name value pairs are stored in item_item_properties
the problem i'm having is not all item_properties are showing up in the form
what makes the difference which one's show up and which one's don't I don't know


  def edit
        @item = Item.includes(:item_item_properties).find(params[:id])
        @item.item_properties.each do |ip|
              @item.item_item_properties.build(item_property_id: ip.id) unless @item.item_item_properties.find_by(item_property_id: ip.id)


            <%= f.fields_for :item, :item_item_properties do |iip| %>
                      <div class="item_item_property">
                          <% @item.item_item_properties.each do |item_item_property| %>
                                <tr><td><%= iip.label item_item_property.item_property.name %><td><%= iip.hidden_field :item_property_id, value: item_item_property.item_property_id %> <%= iip.text_field  :text_value, value: item_item_property.text_value %>
                         <% end %>
            <% end %>

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