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Ralph Shnelvar
So I'm following along in https://github.com/plataformatec/devise/wiki/How-To:-Add-:confirmable-to-Users when I get to

Create a New Migration

I'll recreate the migration they recommend here.

class AddConfirmableToDevise < ActiveRecord::Migration
# Note: You can't use change, as User.update_all will fail in the down migration
def up
:users, :confirmation_token, :string
:users, :confirmed_at, :datetime
:users, :confirmation_sent_at, :datetime
# add_column :users, :unconfirmed_email, :string # Only if using reconfirmable
:users, :confirmation_token, unique: true
# User.reset_column_information # Need for some types of updates, but not for update_all.
# To avoid a short time window between running the migration and updating all existing
# users as confirmed, do the following
("UPDATE users SET confirmed_at = NOW()")
# All existing user accounts should be able to log in after this.
# Remind: Rails using SQLite as default. And SQLite has no such function :NOW.
# Use :date('now') instead of :NOW when using SQLite.
# => execute("UPDATE users SET confirmed_at = date('now')")
# Or => User.all.update_all confirmed_at: Time.now

def down
:users, :confirmation_token, :confirmed_at, :confirmation_sent_at
# remove_columns :users, :unconfirmed_email # Only if using reconfirmable

My question: Why is the migration

rails g migration add_confirmable_to_devise

Wouldn't the better name be

rails g migration add_confirmable_to_users

Am I missing something?

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