Wanting help to load images using document.getElementById()

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Wanting help to load images using document.getElementById()

David Merrick
Section of html code

<div id="dealersCards">
<span id = "D0"></span>
<span id = "D1"></span>
<span id = "D2"></span>
<span id = "D3"></span>
<span id = "D4"></span>
<span id = "D5"></span>
<span id = "D6"></span>
<span id = "D7"></span>

Corresponding javasript code

function displayPlayerOneInitialCards()
length = dealerCards.length;
for( dealerCount = 0; dealerCount < length; dealerCount++) 
newCard = dealerCards[dealerCount]
if(dealerCount == 0)
var cardToDisplay = newCard.cardFaceDown;
if(dealerCount == 1)
var cardToDisplay = newCard.cardToDisplay;
dealerIdName = 'D';
dealerIdName   = dealerIdName  + dealerCount.toString();
fileNameCard= '<img  width="80" height="128" src="images/'+(cardToDisplay.trim())+'" alt="Card"/>';
document.getElementById(dealerIdName).innerHTML = fileNameCard;

Images are in app/assets

Error message eg 

No route matches [GET] "/game/BlackJack/images/H3.gif"

This works in the broswer but wanting ity to work with Rails

Any suggestion please.

Cheers Dave

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