The JRuby mailing list has moved!

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The JRuby mailing list has moved!

Charles Oliver Nutter-4
Greetings JRubyists!

As you may have noticed, our mailing lists hosted by Codehaus
have gone away, because Codehaus has shut down.

After an unfortunate delay (JRuby 9000 is hard work!) we have arranged
for the new JRuby list to be hosted on We believe it's
a good move to unify some of our project infrastructure with
ruby-core, and it's a simple mailman interface with a built-in

We are also going with a single list for all user and dev discussions.

To subscribe to [hidden email]:

Option 1) email "subscribe" in body to [hidden email]

Option 2) use the interface at

We hope you will all subscribe to the new list, and we look forward to
working with you!

- The JRuby Team