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Brian Guthrie-3
Recent commits/fixes in CC.rb:

 - Removed TimeFormatter, as it's now obsolete
   (Brian, 193c75f966327186d30613cdf484803cd8e025ce)
 - Removed all usages of deprecated assert_tag
   (Brian, 1ee3e073596ea8de4ca775577d9bb63a72d2afb0)
 - Fix for LH ticket #275 -Add the ability for git's log parser to
handle encoding as part of the commit object
   (Derek Hammer, 611812318bce0b53fa417b3788ef0c807d3eb254)
 - Fix for LH ticket #34 - Incorrect timezone in XmlStatusReport.aspx
(used by cctray)
   (Sudhindra Rao, e409c94169f528b79189852b029cfd89f8d07ed0)
 - Migrated controller tests over to use test "GET /foo should blah"
instead of def test_get_show - more to come in this vein as I attempt
to make CC.rb tests easier to read and interpret
   (Brian, cbed42a90762c23f5e34c561dbbfed759e3b0ed2)
 - Fix for GH issue #18 - ./cruise add command broken by Rails 3 upgrade
   (Brian, 5308ece2963246d6bf1ef329c24fddf21733a3da)
 - Replaced Prototype with jQuery, removed all Rails JS helpers,
removed JS routes that needed to be evaled
   (Brian, various commits)
 - Fix for "Never built" message broken in Rails 3 upgrade
   (Arun Agrawal, 7f7f593908de01643a124a1ca4cf7acd0d76f142)
 - Improved the way buttons are rendered
   (Brian, 7efddf376e7986b8f5cd05ed2a9ba4a860752bfb)

Additional contributors as Brian-pairs: Dean Cornish, Liauw Fendy,
Peter Murray, Adam Scott.

Thanks to all contributors and bug reporters for their help.

I'm thinking of moving all remaining LH tickets over to Github. Any objections?


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