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Brian Guthrie-2
Hi all,

Recently we've seen a number of big improvements:

 - new UI has been merged into master
 - a couple of fixes to Git support
 - you can now build and run a cruisecontrolrb gem
 - various improvements to documentation, help files, links, contributors list
 - improved management of environment variables in cruise_config
 - fixes to Bundler support
 - added a Kill Builder button (thanks to the folks at Square for this)
 - removed old and unused files from Rails 2 days
 - tests now pass in Windows (although builds still fail)

We're getting closer to our target date for a 2.0 release, which is
targeted for the 1st of July. Once gem package support is complete, in
the next couple of days, we'll tag and package a release as 2.0.0pre1
and push it out for general usage.

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