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Re: :session_expires usage

Lou Vanek wrote:

> i don't see any real benefit from rolling your own session object
> when there are three persistent storage options already available
> to you: cookie, session, and activerecord.

I didn't mean making a new type of persistent storage.  I only meant
using a cookie to store a hash id on the users computer and then using
the hash id to look up values in the database which would, of course, be
accessed using ActiveRecord.  I would just like to wrap this
functionality in an object with a easy interface like the session
object.  My first thought was to use the session object because it
already has all the functionality built in, including the ability to set
an expiration date in the far future, but it seems that the session
expiration should be left alone.

I think this would be a common problem.  Has anyone already created a
similar object?

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