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Rails 5.1 memory


 I am trying to get some things running on Rails 5.1 ..

 I have yarn/webpack working. Webpack runs as a separate server, although possibly it just builds an asset file and watches for changes.

Sometimes a large report needs to get generated, though possibly not alot. At any rate, that case calls for background processing and I am using a websocket as well to broadcast when the report has finished being generated. There is also a chat part of the web page.

 With websockets and background processing I am using sidekiq and redis. Sidekiq needs redis and websockets do as well.

 That's 4 processes running: webpack, rails, redis, sidekiq.

 I then have a little rake task that runs and if sidekiq crashed while a job was running or a job was started or exited it broadcasts a status message on a websocket which can be used by the job index page. This process I am not sure is needed as much, but with that plus the other 4 processes it seems like I am using nearly 900 meg of memory .. Should I consider that to be a bit much ? I am not sure I can divulge too much about the system but it's probably more of an internal application

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