PostgreSQL Array column + has_many association

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PostgreSQL Array column + has_many association

Carlos Ferreira da Silva
I'm trying to use an array column to crete an association between 2 models. I remember that in the past this was working, but I think something has changed and now it's not working anymore. Here is the deal:

Ruby 2.4.3p205 (2017-12-14 revision 61247) [x86_64-linux]
Rails 5.1.5

# Having the columns id, name, email
class User < ApplicationRecord

# Having the columns id, name, user_ids[]
class Group < ApplicationRecord
:users, primary_key: :user_ids, foreign_key: :id

And the oddest thing about this is that the following works fine:

It gives me the list of the users with the ids filled on that field, but the following doesn't work:

It gives me an empty list. And, since the load method doesn't work, I cannot do any operation like #each or #to_a.
I already did some dig up, and found the source of the problem here:

The first command don't replace the original value by a Replaceable, the second does. Maybe we just need a ReplaceableArray or something like that, or I'm missing something here.

Can anyone help me with that?

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