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Magdalena Siniłło

We are small but focused team of experienced RoR, React and iOS/Android developers
We specialise in rapid development of MVPs and if they prove to be hitting user interests targets we continue working on them to create production-ready application. 
This way we helped our German partners from MobileJob (https://www.mobilejob.com) to build successful business. Similar process was started and is still in progress at our American Client - POP Comics (https://www.popcomics.com). And most recently we helped Polish SAP Consulting company to implement their innovative idea (https://www.startsap.com). 

We can handle the whole process from idea to working product. This is possible because, besides strong technical capabilities, we are also good at product management, requirement analysis and designing (UX/UI). 
We mastered Scrum Project Management methodology and we feel like at home when working remotely with our Clients.

We charge on monthly basis for full team or single developers depending on cooperation model.  

If you find this short intro interesting or have some questions then let us know - perhaps there is something we could do together.

You can find more about us here: http://www.weblify.pl/en/
Send us the email: [hidden email]


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