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OT: Rails and DDNS

Ralph Shnelvar
OT: Rails and DDNS Ruby on Rails Talk,

So I have an ASUS TM-AC1900 router that offers DDNS (Dynamic DNS).

I have a Rails app (call it some-old-app) and a domain (call it some-old-app.com) and got it working with the ASUS router and its DDNS so that when a user invoked
everything worked.

Basically, in my SpiritDomains (SpiritDomains is my ISP) control panel, I set things up so that some-old-app.com forwards requests to some-old-app.asuscomm.com.

(*.asuscomm.com is a free service provided by ASUS and it provides DDNS services for their TM-AC1900 router.)

Sadly, I didn't take enough notes so I could figure out how I got the ASUS DDNS service to work with

Fortunately, I backed up everything including my router settings.  I have no problems when restoring my router and when I do, my https://www.some-old-app.com/something works just fine.

I now have a new domain:

When I modify
 1) my SpiritDomains settings so that it forwards
some-new-app.com to some-new-app.asuscomm.com, and
 2) my router settings so that some-new-app.asuscomm.com is registered with ASUS
then when I attempt to do a
www.some-new-app.com/something my browser says that www.some-old-app.com can't be found.

Please note, I waited several hours before issuing
www.some-new-app.com/something just in case there was an issue about DNS propagation.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get
https://www.some-new-app.com/something to work.  I no longer need some-old-app.com so the router's limitation of only one DDNS service does not matter to me.

Does anyone have knowledge of a DDNS service (it doesn't have to be free) with complete instructions on how to hook up a Rails app so that a user can invoke
https://www.some-new-app.com/something without having to specify https://www.some-new-app.Some-DDNS-Service.com/something

Does anyone have experience with the free dynu.com service?  Does it slow things down appreciably?  Are there any downsides to using it?

Of course, if you have the answer to how to get the ASUS router to work, that would be even better.

Ralph Shnelvar

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