Looking for Ruby on Rails Expert in Berlin to JOIN talented team for a FULL TIME POSITION

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Looking for Ruby on Rails Expert in Berlin to JOIN talented team for a FULL TIME POSITION


Our Client:

Founded in Berlin, Jovoto is a top leader in innovating and searching talents worldwide. Actively and proudly solving today’s complex problems, to find interdisciplinary talent, offer deeper insights and broader inspiration to their customers. Since 2007, they have managed to help more than 95,000 projects and support 80,000 professionals’ internationally.


The Role:

The Successful applicant will develop our client’s platforms by improving them in the future workplace for creative talents worldwide.

Major Duties:

-         Build new feature for our creative crowd as well as clients

-         Refactor, modernize and modularize our existing codebase

-         Write understandable, elegant code that is easy to maintain

-         Enjoys test driven development without making it an ideology

-         Work in sprints using agile/scrum methods

-         Working in a truly international team with an agile structure

-         Maybe also take care of our ‘aws-cloud’





Required Skills/Experience:

-         Passionate about coding (Not just a job)

-         Several years of experience with ruby and ruby on rails

-         Attention to details when implementing features

-         Ability to be comfortable to communicate in English (Office language: English)

-         Bonus: Experienced in css/js frameworks

-         Bonus: Ability to support and mentor junior rails developers



The Person:

-         Highly Committed

-         Actively Engaged

-         Ability to search an talent with professionalism

-         Capability to shape Jovoto’s future along with us





Opportunity to bring fresh ideas to the team and being part of evolution of our platform

Full-Time | Part-Time Positions with amazing salary in our magical Berlin.

Opportunity to work abroad




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