[JOBS] - Two Exciting RoR Full-Time Jobs in Medellin, Colombia - 8M - 12M Pesos

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[JOBS] - Two Exciting RoR Full-Time Jobs in Medellin, Colombia - 8M - 12M Pesos

Michael C. Bertoni
Ruby on Rails Community - 

My name is Michael C. Bertoni and I'm the Founder & CTO of PhillyTech and the SVP of Business Development with Source Meridian. We are currently experiencing hyper-growth and need to add 20 engineers to our teams in Philadelphia, Medellin, Cali, Reonegro, Colombia. Do you know any RoR engineers in South America??? Or do you want to relocate to South America?

Here's the job and overview below - http://smrtr.io/353rz - You can review, apply and refer people

Please Connect with me on LinkedIn - I have over 14,000 1st Connections on LinkedIn and am among the Top 1% most connected - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelbertoni33/



Source Meridian is one of the fastest growing companies in the Colombia region and is an engineering and development focused services organization providing customers with early access to cutting edge technology, and helping them to create and maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Most of our clients are in the United States, but we also have clients in Europe and throughout the world. We have two offices in the United States and three offices in Latin America. Our offices are located in Philadelphia (US), Fort Myers (US), Medellín (CO), Rionegro (CO) and Cali (CO).

Job Description and Overview
  • You will be working with a world class engineering team of smart, driven globally experienced and globally distributed engineers designing, developing and maintaining enterprise-level datasets and applications in Ruby on Rails.
  • Have the flexibility to propose and implement your own ideas and solutions to challenging problems.
  • Interact with customers and end users to understand needs and how best to keep them engaged while using our products and services.
  • Own your career growth as far as your abilities, skills, and adaptability will take you while building a unique company that will produce the next generation of global engineers and business leaders.
  • You need to have VERY GOOD ENGLISH and communication skills and be an A PLAYER AMONG YOUR PEERS.
  • You need to be a quick learner, team player and quickly able to ramp up on our clients tech stack.
  • 5+ years experience of engineering and development experience with a focus on Ruby on Rails (RoR) Back-end or similar Back-end technologies to Ruby on Rails.
  • 1+ years of Vue.js experience or similar JavaScript frameworks.
Best regards,

Michael C. Bertoni - PhillyTech - Founder & CTO
Source Meridian - SVP-Business Development
mobile: 215.817.3295

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