[JOBS] Looking for an Experienced Rails Dev to Join BackerKit Engineering Team

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[JOBS] Looking for an Experienced Rails Dev to Join BackerKit Engineering Team

Hey Folks, 

I'm Ryan, the head of engineering at BackerKit, and I'd love to chat with anyone interested in our Senior Software Engineering role

Our stack is Rails with a bit of Backbone here and there. We shy away form over-complicated views if we don't need them. We're on Rails 5.1 and Ruby 2.5, even after 6 years. our codebase is well tested and always improving. We pair a lot (really, not just lip-service) and we practice TDD (same). We work to get better individually and as a team. Ping me if you'd like to hear more!

About the company: 

Crowdfunding platforms help independent creators and entrepreneurs validate products and reach their first customers, but the tools the primary crowdfunding platforms provide to manage orders and operations are not sophisticated enough for most uses. Many campaigns draw far more backers and funding than creators expect, and the scale of their success can become a double-edged sword. Creators suddenly have far more backers, more operational complexity, and higher stakes to deliver an awesome campaign experience. It's an amazing opportunity to launch a business or product, but the risk of failure can feel huge.
We are building BackerKit to help make delivering an awesome crowdfunding experience easy, profitable, and fun. Over 5,000 crowdfunding projects have used BackerKit to save time and avoid headaches, keep their backers happy and engaged, and raise more funds.

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