How do I implement MailCatcher under the docker-compose way?

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How do I implement MailCatcher under the docker-compose way?

Jason Hsu, Ruby on High Speed Rails
The app in question is at .  Note that config/environments/development.rb is configured for MailCatcher.

I've been able to use MailCatcher without docker-compose, but I can't quite figure out how to get it to work in a Rails app that revolves around docker-compose.

One solution I tried is to add the 1080:1080 port assignments to the web section of docker-compose.yml, but the MailCatcher interface doesn't appear at http://localhost:1080/.

Another solution I've tried is to add a mailcatcher section under services to make use of a Docker image dedicated to MailCatcher.  While the MailCatcher interface does appear, the email messages I expect when I try to sign up in my local setup do not materialize.

Exactly what am I missing?

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