For any serious activist coder in the group

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For any serious activist coder in the group

Please contact me if a) you're senior level and have done at least one web-based app, b) are strongly intrigued by what you read and view in our FightBackWisely (aka WinWisely) backgorunder, c) realize activism is the rent we should be paying to live on this glorious planet and d) are therefore passionate to use your talent to either help save what is still saveable of mother nature and/or overthrow the control of our country by arguably the most dangerous organization in the history of the planet. 

We are a nonprofit open source project and expect to be able to pay at least half market rate to the two coders we will need on the project. We already have a clickable demo getting rave feedback from our expected user groups.

If you can take 5min more to comment re each of the a-d items, I'd be grateful.

I am also, fyi, the chief cofounder and CIO for an already successful ruby-based Internet startup that is the first and best in the health2.0 space for helping couples save, revitalize, and enrich their relationships.

Yours truly, for justice and the planet,
Gary Krane PhD, cofounder, co-director, the FightBackWisely project
650 383 8435of  (8am-10pm EST)  802 380 8880cell (8pm-11pm)  SKYPE: DavidvGoliath

"These next four  years are likely to be the most important four years in the next 14,000 years for the planet and human freedom."-Sylvia Earle (one of the world's leading oceanographers)

This quote refers to the latest science which now strongly indicates that the oceans (the source of 80% of our oxygen) will be basically dead in the next 20-25 years at the current rate of ocean acidification, and more than 50% of mammals (except those in zoos) will also likely be extinct due to our rapid rate of species extinction (1000x greater than prehuman history)

"There's nothing honorable or wise in allowing a peaceful transition to fascism or the closing off of likely our last chance to avert a planetary-wide environmental catastrophe"--G.Krane

On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 3:48 AM, <[hidden email]> wrote:
S Ahmed <[hidden email]>: May 11 04:25PM -0400

Are there any good server automation scripts that can bootstrap a Rails
server on something like linode/digitalocean that you can recommend?
Something that installs basic security, Rails, ...more
nynhex <[hidden email]>: May 11 03:40PM -0500

Super easy to deploy your rails app on digital ocean with a couple of clicks.
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Ilya Kaplan <[hidden email]>: May 11 08:25AM -0700

Hi, Hassan Schroeder,
Appreciate the advice, but it doesn't solve the problem. When you deploy to
the "global" staging, you'd still have same problem.
I'm coming to think that creating ...more
Hassan Schroeder <[hidden email]>: May 11 08:54AM -0700

> Appreciate the advice, but it doesn't solve the problem. When you deploy to
> the "global" staging, you'd still have same problem.
Is "structure.sql" (I've never even heard of it until now) ...more
Benjamin Cerigo <[hidden email]>: May 11 02:24AM -0700

Are you a music lover? We are Plugify. A team of music loving
revolutionaries on a mission: to disrupt the live music booking industry.
Come and Join us! check out the position: ...more
Krishna Gundala <[hidden email]>: May 11 05:06PM +0530

Are you accepting remote CVs as well for this position?
Mohan Krishna Gundala
[image: https://] ...more
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