[Feature] Allow data-params for ujs links that don't have data-remote="true"

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[Feature] Allow data-params for ujs links that don't have data-remote="true"

Hi all,

I noticed there is no simple way to send synchronous requests using rails ujs that have a request body. At the moment there is either the possibility to send an AJAX request with a link like <a data-method="PUT" data-remote="true" data-params="data=param" …> or a synchronous request without a request body like this: <a data-method="DELETE">…

My proposal is to make the data-method handler check the data-params field and add the data that is specified there to the temporary form that is created in order to send the request. I already have a version of this that works here.

The only downside of my implementation is that it only supports urlencoded form data in the data-params field currently. I want to add support for JSON, but I am a bit confused by the data-type field: I checked in the implementation of ajax() where dataType only seems to influence the Accept-Headers. So my question is: Is data-type intended to specify the type of the request or the response or both? The documentation indicates that it is about the type of data-type and I'd really like to use this field to detect the type of the data stored in data-params, since I'm not really fancying autodetecting that. Of course there can only be a limited number of supported formats since we can't send arbitrary request bodies using forms as opposed to using XMLHttpRequest.

I'd love to here your feedback and suggestions on this!



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