ActiveStorage links are too long!

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ActiveStorage links are too long!

Aleksandr Shelestov

A question to the creators of ActiveStorage.

I just implemented the upload feature to my own editor (nothing special, something similar to Github Text Editor). After the user dropped the file to the textarea the uploading process starts and puts a returned link back to the editor:


The questions is — why the hell the links are so long?! What's the point?

First, there is a limited amount of chars in the editor. Second, it just looks ugly. And if I add ten pictures in a row it's getting even much uglier.

Why is it not something like this:

![2019-05-28 10.37.34.jpg](/r/a_s/b/eyJfcmFpbHMiO.jpg)


Maybe I missed something and there is a way to get back a shorter version?

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