[ANN] Rapidfire v3.0.0 Released

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[ANN] Rapidfire v3.0.0 Released

Akshay Sasidharan

Rapidfire v3.1.0 Released

Rapidfire is a ruby gem which makes adding dynamic surveys functionality to your rails app much easier. It allows you to add multiple surveys and you can customize it according to your application's requirement.

1. Support for Rails 5.1+.
2. Added Kaminari as a soft dependency for pagination.
3. Added MIT license for the gem.
4. Added attribute 'introduction' to Survey model.
5. Removed capybara-webkit as a dependency.
6. Fixed position field to be displayed on the form.
7. Added a proper label and input ids for checkbox and radios with non-sanitized values.
8. Added defaults and placeholders for text and textarea inputs.
9. Configurable redirection after answer attempt.
10. I18n support and generator.

You can check the demo app at Rapidfire Demo.

Checkout Rapidfire on Rapidfire on Github.

Big thanks to all the contributors.

Akshay Sasidharan,
Codemancers Tech Pvt. Ltd.

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